Jabonera Hotellerie corner

45,13 €

Jabonera Hotellerie cornerSoap dish for wall mounting.Finish: chrome [...])


Jabonera Hotellerie-Colorella 2300

38,36 €

Jabonera Hotellerie-Colorella 2300Dimensiones: 16 x 16 x 4 cmAcabado: cromado [...])


Soap Bath Pom d`Or Kubic

198,44 €

Kubic Collection for Pom D`Or is a line created on the modern conception of the current lifestyle. A way of life that is based on the combination of seemingly opposite elements which give the fruit [...])


Pom D`or Iside Soap

99,22 €

Iside Nature inspires Iside because it responds to a journey into the forms we find in it, and there it follows the soul of the whole collection. )


Soap Micra Pom d`Or

111,32 €

Micra Its discrete proportions give it a fresh and vibrant character. )


Pom D`Or Soap Lira Rincon

107,69 €

Easy Living Collection Accessories designed for the bathroom that we make life easier. )


Cosmic soap dish Saku

19,36 €

Cosmic soap dish SakuVegetable forms that grow and evolve, hence its name "saku", which means "bloom" in Japanese.Complements with gloss or matte finish, ideal for bathrooms inspired by [...])